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Outdoor Drainage Contractors

Does your landscape vegetation squanders topsoil and erodes quickly? Does your property retain water in certain lawn spots? If so, you might have yard drainage issues. Remember that water always finds its level, taking the path of least resistance and flowing downhill. If the excess water does not have a way to flow out, once the landscape reaches its water absorption limit, then it will cause the yard to flood.

If you want to solve your yard drainage problems, then contact us. We are a licensed landscape contractor that provides effective drainage solutions and services within the Sacramento area. Our main objective as a yard drainage company is to create a system that redirects excess water away from your house or business by taking advantage of gravity.

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Yard Drain System Design

Drain location – The first aspect that must be considered is the location where the drainage system will be installed. The yard drain must be placed on sandy dirt where water can easily seep into and in an area where the flow of the water will not affect any adjoining properties.

Drain field – This part of the drainage system absorbs the excess ground water that stagnates in the landscape. The drain field must be positioned correctly. Otherwise, gravity will not move the water that must enter through the pipes of the drain.

Drain exit – This is the last element of a functional yard drain system, which is also known as the lower end. The drain exit releases the water in a specifically designated area that is located away from other properties, usually the street or an existing drain network. This part of the drainage system must be placed low enough to avoid flooding issues.

Types of Yard Drains

French drain – This drainage system consists in a sloped trench that uses perforated pipe and washed gravel to divert excess water away from the yard in a controlled manner.

Channel drain – Composed of prefabricated, easy-to-install pipes with a removable grate on top that are commonly utilized to prevent outdoor surface water from entering a building.

Catch basins – The equipment is mostly used to redirect rainwater that falls on a roof’s gutter system to an underground sewer structure. A catch basin drainage system can also be used to divert surface water from low spout areas of the yard.

Yard grading – The landscape terrain is modified by adding or removing dirt to create a consistent slope. This guarantees a proper water flow management throughout the entire yard.

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Channel Drains

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Land Grading

Call Our Licensed Landscapers

Most inexperienced individuals, that lack the proper knowledge or training, end up making common installation mistakes that deteriorate the overall functionality of a yard drainage system. We operate a licensed team with the necessary years of experience to guarantee quality landscaping solutions.

Our staff is not only professional but also friendly, polite, and ecstatic to answer any questions you may have about a yard drainage system. Call us now to experience our incomparable customer service. Due to our convenient location within Sacramento, you can expect a rapid response and affordable prices.