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French Drain Contractors

The term French drain comes from the name of the person who popularized the usage of this style of drainage system. That person was Henry F. French, an American lawyer and the assistant of a prominent Treasury Secretary of the United States of America.

This type of drainage consists in digging a trench, introducing pipe within the trench, and covering the drain pipe with rocks. This underground structure will redirect water away from the property and other areas of the yard that should remain dry.

In many instances, French drains are the only solution for individuals that need to keep water from entering their home or business. Other reasons for the installation of this drainage system can include the removal of excess water from areas situated in low location or zones that are extremely wet, such as uneven yard spots and the foot of the slope. A channel drain might also be a great alternative.





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Benefits of Outdoor Drains

Protects building foundation – If water enters and settles in a specific location of a construction, it can cause tremendous damage to its foundation. French drains prevent water from stagnating underneath the basement of a building. Hence, the foundation of structures with this type of drainage system should be protected from excess rainwater.

Eliminates yard puddles – Water always finds its level. If a yard has low spots, then all water will accumulate and remain there. By installing a French drain, surface water will be absorbed and rerouted away from the property to prevent flooding.

Prevents lawn diseases – A well installed drainage system can control the landscape humidity. If the excess water of a yard is mismanaged, it will generate turf diseases like rhizoctonia yellow patch, red thread, and pythium blight. The reason is that these various diseases thrive on outdoor surfaces that have high levels of moisture.

Trench for a French Drain

Excavating a trench for a French drain requires strength and determination. That is why landscaping companies usually utilize at least 2 persons to complete the task. The trench should have a path that leads from the flooding spots of the property to an area specifically chosen to discharge the excess water.

A qualified individual must consider the size of the pipe and the amount of gravel required to estimate the appropriate depth and width of the trench. Usually, a French drain trench should be at least 12 inches deep and 6 inches wide.

Once the trench has been dug, gravel must be poured at the bottom of the trench. The amount of gravel that should be used varies depending on the overall size of the drainage system. However, accuracy is vital in order to have a functional French drain that lasts approximately 30 to 40 years.

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Drain Pipe Installation

The yard drain connection in Sacramento should be large enough to dispose small particles along with the surface water. Otherwise, the drainage system will clog up and the property will flood. This project also requires perforated pipe and imperforated pipe. The perforated pipe will drain the excess water, while the imperforated pipe will be used discharge it.

The pipe should be placed inside the trench and over the gravel that was already poured. Subsequently, the drain pipes must be covered with more gravel to create a certain level of porosity. This will allow the system to collect and redirect water through the perforated pipe.

Afterwards, the trench must be carefully filled with topsoil and sand. Then, the topsoil and sand must be covered with sod. The last step is to add decorative stones around the drain pipes, especially in the opening and ending areas of the system.

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Most inexperienced individuals, that lack the proper knowledge or training, end up making common installation mistakes that deteriorate the overall functionality of a yard drainage system. We operate a licensed team with the necessary years of experience to guarantee quality landscaping solutions.

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