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Channel Drain Contractors

Who does not know what a channel drain is?  Even if the exact “know how” of what channel drains are is not understood, most individuals definitely know that they are pipes designed to redirect undesired water away from a property. That is why they are usually installed also by landscape drain contractors.

In technical terms, a channel drain is a rectangular pipe which is solid from three of its sides and has its top side covered with grate. This type of pipe is specifically used to evacuate rainwater, sewage water, or liquid chemicals out of buildings, just like all French drains we install.

Now, why not just wipe the water out of the property and into the yard? Well, because the ground has a limit to which it can absorb water and moisture. After that saturation level, the water just remains on the surface. This not only affects the vegetation of the landscape, but it is also a breeding place for the mosquitoes and several other viral insects. Most individuals do not want that in front of their property.





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Benefits of Channel Drains

Easy installation – Channel drains are easier to install. They can be found readymade in various lengths or can be manually made according to the requirements of a specific property. The readymade plastic channel drains are the best choice when it comes to ease of installation due to their lightweight.

Extremely durable – The metallic channel drains are not that easy to work with when compared to plastic because they are heavier. The advantage of metallic channel drains is their durability, with a life expectancy of approximately 20 to 30 years. Once installed, the property owner only has to worry about cleaning the drain to prevent blockages.

Low-maintenance – Since the grate that fits the upper side of the pipe is detachable, channel drains are easy to clean. This is important because if too much trash, sewage blockage, or other debris accumulate inside the drainage system, then the proper evacuation of water will not be possible.

Types of Channel Drains

Residential – There are many residential channel drain applications. However, the most common application we have encountered is for driveway drainage systems. Other popular residential uses for channel drains include yard patios, pool decks, and “barrier-free” showers.

Commercial – Industrial channel drain applications include warehouses, processing facilities, institutional buildings, and manufacturing plants. These commercial channel drains are capable of handling from intense pedestrian traffic to hefty fork truck traffic. They are specifically designed for the heavy weights and high volumes of water needed on highways, airports, and fire stations.

Regardless of the type of channel drain, using the correct installation method is critical to ensure the continued functionality and longevity of the drainage. In some cases, the type of system will dictate the installation method that must be used. For instance, a former system will require that you pour concrete around the form, while a small paver deck drain requires the use of more materials.

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Different Installation Methods

Two-pour method – With this method, the channels are leveled and suspended from beneath; sometimes by using bricks or compacted gravel. Then concrete is poured, covering the base of the channel in order to secure the drain into place. A final concrete pour is made after the first pour has solidified and the final leveling adjustments have been made to the channels.

Installation bracket method – Some systems come with an installation bracket that helps suspend the channels above the ground. Once these brackets are driven into the ground to secure the channel drain, only a single pour of concrete is needed after the landscape drainage has been set.

Hanger method – This method is used when the channel drain needs to be placed in an existing concrete floor that has been cut to introduce the system. Basically, boards are placed across the floor trench to connect and suspend the channels. Subsequently, concrete is poured inside the floor trench and around the suspended drain channels.

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Most inexperienced individuals, that lack the proper knowledge or training, end up making common installation mistakes that deteriorate the overall functionality of a yard drainage system. We operate a licensed team with the necessary years of experience to guarantee quality landscaping solutions.

Our staff is not only professional but also friendly, polite, and ecstatic to answer any questions you may have about a yard drainage system. Call us now to experience our incomparable customer service. Due to our convenient location within Sacramento, you can expect a rapid response and affordable prices.