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Outdoor Drainage Contractors

Drainage is all about diverting water away from areas where you do not want it to be, whether it is a home, basement, yard, or public space. Property owners install drain systems to stave off the worst effects of water damage. They also use drains to keep runoff from forming in stagnant pools, which can kill plants, cause odors, and attract mosquitos.

Catch basins are a critical tool for any drainage system. They consist of a grate and collecting pipe installed in low-lying areas of your property. Rain or runoff collects on the drain base, filtering out debris via the grate, then runs down the drain pipe installation and connects with a larger sewage system.

Also known as “yard drains,” catch basin systems are more complicated than their simple operation might suggest. Properties need to be analyzed to pinpoint the right location(s) for a drain. Trenches then need to be dug and filled with piping, which itself needs to connect to a larger sewage system.





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Reasons for a Catch Basin System

Outdoor yard – If you have a soggy lawn or pools of stagnant water around your property, then you probably need grading contractors in Sacramento. They are the go-to weapon in the fight against poor drainage and can help return your property to verdant splendor.

Crawl space – Even if you do not have a concrete foundation, your home is still at risk of water damage. Crawl spaces may collect rainwater and runoff from the roof, which in turn can attract insects or rodents and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Over time it can damage the substructure by introducing rot, rust, or erosion.

Gutter downspout – Gutters help prevent water from flowing off roof edges by funneling it through downspouts. Wherever a downspout is located, however, there is sure to be water. If this area is not drained properly, the water will pool or seep into the soil, killing plants or flooding your basement.

Installation of Catch Basins

01. Assessment – Our installation process begins with a simple property evaluation. We will survey the land around your home, determine the proper course for a drain system, and provide you with a cost estimate for the project.

02. Trench excavation – The first step when installing a new drainage system is to excavate a trench where the pipe will be placed. Depending on how complex the drainage system is, the trench may run a few yards from the home to the street, or it may connect with a larger network.

03. Drainage system – The next step is to install the catch basin system, which consists of three basic parts: a grate, a box, and pipes. We will ensure that everything is sealed and resting on a stable slope.

04. Resod yard – Finally, our installers will backfill the trench and resod any lawn spots that were removed during the installation. This ensures that your property will retain its curb appeal.

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Catch Basin Maintenance

As with any drainage system, a catch basin requires some routine maintenance. While the drain grate and box are designed to filter out leaf debris and sediment, excessive rainfall or flooding can cause debris to flow into the drain. If you find the catch basin is no longer draining water, especially after a light rain, it may be due to a clog.

The easiest way to prevent a clog is to periodically remove leaf debris from in and around the catch basin. Use a shovel or trowel to remove routine buildup under the grate, and avoid blowing or sweeping lawn clippings and other waste towards the drain. Never pour any wastewater, grease, or oil down the drain.

If you have a clog or require a more complicated cleaning, you can hire a professional to do the job for you. They have an arsenal of high-powered vacuums, water jets, and flushing tools that can be used to extract a clog and get your catch basin working properly again.

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Most inexperienced individuals, that lack the proper knowledge or training, end up making common installation mistakes that deteriorate the overall functionality of a yard drainage system. We operate a licensed team with the necessary years of experience to guarantee quality landscaping solutions.

Our staff is not only professional but also friendly, polite, and ecstatic to answer any questions you may have about a yard drainage system. Call us now to experience our incomparable customer service. Due to our convenient location within Sacramento, you can expect a rapid response and affordable prices.